WPS provides a fast turn-around of in-house product repairs through use of "trauma style" triage process. We offer an advanced level of field support, providing a degree of on-site product trouble shooting and repair, audio/video system set-up (audio time alignment, video sub-carrier phase alignment etc.), audio/video system performance testing and documentation and control system programming and debugging.

Get Covered With a Universal Support Plan From WPS

Universal Support Plans (or USPs) are a great way to have premium technical support available when you need it. WPS offers on-demand-access to a vast array of services at tremendous savings over traditional service contracts.


Each USP consists of a specific number of pre-paid service units. You can then use these units on important elements of your audio-video business for up to eighteen months after the date of purchase. A USP is an excellent way to keep your staff and systems running at peak efficiency while keeping your budget in line.


Whether you are having equipment problems, or have just hired a new editor that could benefit from some expert training, rest assured with the fast and flexible services offered from WPS.

Universal Support Plan Pricing

USP10 - 10 units - $1400

USP40 - 40 units - $4500

USP100 -100 units - $9600

All WPS Universal Support Plans offer the following:
On-site Troubleshooting

Diagnostics, maintenance and repair will be provided at your location during normal business hours by the first available technician. Base charge of two(2) units per service call. Additional time on-site will be billed at one(1) unit per hour in 1/2 unit increments.

Travel time to locations within a one hour drive of our main office in Wheaton, Maryland will be provided at no charge to our USP clients. Sites greater than a one hour drive time will be billed at 1/2 unit per hour, door-to-door.

Training and Education

WPS product specialists can conduct technical or operational training for your staff. Base charge of 4 units per 4 hour session. Additional time billed at 1 unit per hour. Available at your site or at our main offices in Wheaton, Maryland.


Control System Development

Crestron certified programming, commissioning and troubleshooting. Base charge of 4 units per 4 hour session. Additional time billed at 1 unit per hour.



WPS integration and installation experts can advise you on that new studio build-out or reconfiguration of an existing system. Base charge of 2 units per service call. Additional time on-site will be billed at 1 unit per hour in 1/2 unit increments.


Walk-in Service Center

Equipment returned to our Authorized Service Department for repair under a USP will be charged at a rate of 1/2 unit per hour and will automatically receive a priority status over "out of plan" repairs and returns.


Telephone Support

Product Specialists are available over the telephone at no charge to our USP clients during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 9:00am—5:00pm Eastern Standard Time). That's FREE support!


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