Yamaha Rivage PM10 gets even better!

New components and a firmware update that boost the versatility and performance of the Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 digital mixing system have been announced at Pro Light + Sound 2017.

From the Yamaha Pro Audio website:

The CS-R10-S control surface is approximately two thirds the size of the existing CS-R10, offering the same outstanding operability for environments with limited space. A Dual Console function (to be supported via a future update) will allow two CS-R10 and/or CS-R10-S control surfaces to be connected to a single DSP-R10 DSP engine, so that separate CS-R10-S control surfaces can be used at the FOH and monitor positions, or a CS-R10-S can be used as a sidecar for a CS-R10, for example.

The HY256-TL-SMF is a TWINLANe card that supports single-mode optical fiber. Yamaha’s TWINLANe audio network with up to 400-channel capacity has previously only supported multi-mode fiber connections. The HY256-TL-SMF expands system connection flexibility by also supporting single-mode fiber connections.

Read more at YamahaProAudio.com.


New System Components and Plug-ins Coming!

Introduces a new compact control surface CS-R10-S, a single-mode fiber TWINLANe card HY256-TL-SMF, and a range of new plug-ins for Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 systems.

Additional Features for Coming Firmware V1.5

Explores some of exciting new features of coming firmware V1.5 for Yamaha RIVAGE PM10.

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