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MUTEC is a leading manufacturer of high-quality A/V master clocks, audio re-clockers, interfaces, format converters, and signal distributors for professional and high-end audio applications. Focusing on improving digital audio reproduction and transmission processes, our 1G-Clock Technology raises the bar for ultra-low jitter clock generation industry-wide to an unparalleled level of performance. Based in Berlin, Germany, we are specialists dedicated to setting new standards in sound quality, clock generation and digital audio signal processing, enabling customers to realize their visions of the perfect sound in their environments.

Beyond clocking, converting, interfacing, and distributing of digital audio, we also provide custom-designed FlashROM memory cards for Yamaha keyboards, as well as optical cables compatible to ADATTM and S/P-DIF standards. Contact us today to find out how your digital audio setup can benefit from MUTEC products.

MUTEC products are installed in leading-edge broadcast and television stations, well-respected recording and mastering studios as well as renowed musical theatres, opera houses and universities all over the world.

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