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Check out these great Genelec solutions!

Since the founding of Genelec in 1978, professional audio monitoring has been the core of their business. Their unrivaled commitment to research and development has resulted in a number of industry firsts and established Genelec as the industry leader in active monitors.

Designed, tested, and made entirely in Finland, Genelec has delivered active studio monitoring to the professional media-production market for over 40 years.  During the past decade they have expanded beyond the professional studio monitor segment to selected consumer and AV installation markets. Their products are found in an increasing number of home setups and AV installations, as well as in residential home theater systems, bringing music and soundtracks as alive as they were when recorded. Although the applications may vary, one thing remains the same: the desire to have the best possible sound reproduction.

Today, Genelec makes well over a dozen models of studio monitors and studio subwoofers, accommodating everything from minimalist nearfield setups for small editing suites to full-scale theatrical surround-sound systems. While they've made countless technological advances, Genelec has stayed true to their original priority of uncompromising quality. Whether you go with a 2-way, 3-way, 2.1, or more advanced monitor configuration, you can count on absolute consistency, from precise frequency ranges to impressive off-axis responses.

We are big fans of Genelec here at WPS and would love to talk to you more about a Genelec solution!