Focusrite is a global music and audio products group supplying hardware and software products used by professional and amateur musicians, which enables the high quality production of music.


The Focusrite Group has two established and rapidly growing brands; Focusrite and Novation. The Focusrite brand makes audio interfaces and other products for audio recording musicians. The Novation brand allows its customers to make electronic music using synthesisers and computer-enabled technology. Each brand has over 20 years of quality sound heritage and is well established in the music making industry.


The Focusrite Group has a global customer base with a distribution network covering approximately 160 territories. Focusrite is headquartered in High Wycombe, United Kingdom with a marketing subsidiary in Los Angeles, United States.

The Focusrite brand was established in 1985 to serve high end professional recording studios. Initially, its products were focused on high quality recording and production equipment for professionals. Phil Dudderidge acquired the assets of Focusrite Limited in 1989 and began to broaden the range of products to serve a wider customer base of professional, commercial and hobbyist musicians.

In 2004, Focusrite Audio Engineering Limited acquired the Novation Electronic Music Systems Limited business, a market-leading British producer of keyboards, synthesisers and controllers with products used by musicians globally. The addition of the Novation brand has further expanded the range of products and customers of Focusrite into the electronic dance music (‘‘EDM’’) segment of the market, the fastest growing music making segment according to

2014 International Music Summit Business Report.


Since 2004, Focusrite has continued to develop its range of innovative products with the introduction of Launchpad in 2009, developing a new niche in EDM and spawning a range of YouTube videos generating millions of views, and the Scarlett USB in 2010, one of the top selling product lines for home studio recording.


In 2010, Focusrite opened an in-house marketing office in Los Angeles, United States.