Obsessing with linear frequency responses and other technical details, or in fact just wanting to please your ears, is not the right recipe for a good studio monitor. What is usually needed is a good balance. A balance between the work you're listening and a realistic sense of what your final output will be. Exceptional sound reproduction is of course fundamental in good monitoring speakers. But it's equally important that your work is properly translated in a way that your music sounds consistent in other speakers or rooms.

Which is why we didn't just focus in results from measurement systems. We also did a lot critical listening sessions in recording studios, with professional users and other groups of listeners. It is the combination of all this information - technical and subjective - that we take into account in our R&D process. EVE Audio speakers excel in every aspect. Just don't expect some sterile pseudo-linear way of listening to your mixes. Music is one of the most exciting - and complex - art forms in the world, and it should be treated as such. If you like what you hear, you will be excited, and that will motivate you to do a more creative job.


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